How to perform an inspection period

After you’ve made an offer, sent payment to, and the seller has shipped assets to you it’s time to begin your inspection period. The inspection period is a set length of time during which you are required to take a final look at the assets you’re purchasing to ensure that everything you’ve received is as advertised and agreed upon by the seller.

Escrow uses milestones to determine the completeness of a transaction. Milestones can be steps such as the transfer of domain names, social media accounts and access to the FanatikApps admin via a staff account. Accepting all milestones in your account will end your inspection period. Because all transactions are final, it’s very important that you do your due diligence during this period. Accepting milestones is binding, and once you accept the seller is paid and the business becomes yours.

If you need to make changes to the Escrow milestones after the transaction has been created, then you must contact Escrow Support to request the changes. After both buyer and seller agree to the changes, Escrow will apply them.