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Apps Charges

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There are four different types of app-related charges and credits that you can receive:

  • Subscription charges – These charges are for recurring use of an app, such as a monthly subscription. They appear on your regular FanatikApps subscription bill.

  • App usage charges – These charges are variable based on how much you’re using the app or the service that it integrates with (such as the number of interactions provided by a customer service app). They appear on your regular FanatikApps subscription bill.

  • One-time app purchases – These charges are for specific services provided by an app (such as a single migration of your data from one platform to another). They appear on separate bills.

  • Application credits – You are entitled to application credits under certain circumstances, such as when you downgrade a paid app subscription partway through its billing cycle. These credits appear on your FanatikApps subscription bill, and can be used towards future application charges on FanatikApps.